Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus

The competencies of the Audit Office can be found here.

If you wish to submit a complaint about services or officers who exercise executive or administrative powers, regarding any of their actions which you believe have violated your human rights or that these powers have been exercised in violation of the law or the regulations of good governance and proper conduct towards individuals, we suggest that you submit your complaint to the Ombudsman. Regardless of the above, you also have the right to resort to legal action in the manner and under the conditions set forth in the Constitution of the Republic and the relevant laws.

If your complaint relates to corruption, fraud, or misuse of public money by any of our audited entities, such as Ministries / Departments / Services / Organizations / Authorities / State Enterprises, or you have reason to believe that the way the entity has managed public money does not ensure economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the resources available to it, you may use the form below.


Personal details below are not mandatory.

With this submission, I give my consent to the Audit Office of the Republic to use my personal data. I understand that such personal data will be managed and processed in a secure and confidential manner and will be subject to the relevant provisions of the Law providing for the Protection of Natural Persons with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and for the Free Movement of such Data of 2018 (Law 125(I)/2018). My personal data will remain confidential and will not be disclosed or given to any person without my consent.

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