Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus

What do we consider to be a complaint?

Any expression of dissatisfaction about the actions or inactions by the Cyprus Audit Office, or its staff, affecting one or more members of the public or employee of a body audited by the Cyprus Audit Office will be considered through our complaints procedure.

If the issue concerns Corruption, Fraud or Conflict of Interest, click here to be directed to the appropriate form so that the information you provide is treated as confidential by our Office.

Who can complain?

Anyone who comes into contact with the Cyprus Audit Office and is unhappy or dissatisfied can complain. For example, you could be a member of the public or an employee of a body audited by the Cyprus Audit Office.

Are there any types of complaint that this procedure cannot consider under this process?

If a complaint is vexatious and/or repetitious, we may bring the communication to a close. We define vexatious as: a complaint instituted without sufficient grounds and serving only to cause annoyance to the receiver of the complaint or otherwise an abuse of the procedures for dealing with complaints.
We define repetitious as: a complaint that is substantially the same as a previous complaint (whether made by or on behalf of the same or a different complainant); contains no fresh allegations or no fresh evidence.
We will give serious consideration to the issues you raise. Where we identify mistakes in our approach we will acknowledge those and proceed with appropriate corrective action to prevent the problem occurring again.

It is understood that the information that will be received will be handled with care by our Office.


Personal details below are not mandatory.

With this submission, I give my consent to the Audit Office of the Republic to use my personal data. I understand that such personal data will be managed and processed in a secure and confidential manner and will be subject to the relevant provisions of the Law providing for the Protection of Natural Persons with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and for the Free Movement of such Data of 2018 (Law 125(I)/2018). My personal data will remain confidential and will not be disclosed or given to any person without my consent.

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