Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus

As a public funded organisation, the Audit Office has a duty to promote transparency in its functions and results, a value it seeks to contribute to through its work in the wider public sector. For this purpose, relevant information has been consolidated on this page, through attached documents or links to the relevant detailed pages of our website.

Audited financial Statements
The report of the private auditor, to which the Office assigned the audit of its financial statements in 2015 on its own accord for the first time since 1960, is included, together with the financial statements, in the Annexes to the Annual Report since 2015. The relevant documents, in Greek, are found below:

Excerpts of the approved State Budget relevant to the Audit Office are found below:
State Budget

Remuneration of the Auditor General
In the spirit of transparency, the Office provides details of the remuneration of the Auditor General.

Disclosure of interests of the Auditor General
By decision of the Auditor General, any personal interests which may be perceived as affecting the impartial performance of his duties, are disclosed below.
Personal Interests Register

Code of Ethics
In 2015, the Office issued its own Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, aiming to promote and safeguard a professional working environment.
The Code has been revised in 2019 and in 2023.
Code Of Ethics

Travel and subsistence expenditure
The Audit Office routinely makes a voluntary disclosure of the expenditure incurred from approved public funds for travel and subsistence of the Auditor General, both locally and abroad.
Expenditure Archive

You can find information regarding the entities that are subject to audit by the Office in this link

Self-assessment and peer review results
In 2016, the Office invited the UK National Audit Office to conduct a peer review. The conclusions and recommendations of the report, which was completed in 2018, are included here:
Peer Review Report
In 2018, the peer review by the UK Audit Office was extended to the function of the Technical Control Division. The conclusions and recommendations of the report, which was also completed in 2018, are included here:
Peer Review Report for Technical Audit Division

The peer review was preceded by a self-assessment exercise conducted by an internal project team set up for this purpose, based on the Performance Measurement Framework for Supreme Audit Institutions. You can read a summary of the report here:
Self- assessment Report

Procurement policy and procedures
As a public entity, the Office applies the provisions of the Law on the Regulation of Public Procurement and Related Matters (Law 73(I) /2016) and the (General) Regulations on the Coordination of Procedures for the Procurement of Goods, Works and Services 2007 (RAA 201/2007) for the purpose of awarding public contracts.
Regulating Procurement Procedures Issues Law of 2016 (L.73(I)/2016)
R 201/2007 Coordination of procedures for the award of public supply contracts, public works and services (General) Regulations of 2007.

Contracts exceeding the European Union thresholds
Pursuant to the provisions of article 9 of the Law on the Regulation of Public Procurement and Related Matters (Law 73(I)/2016), the following categories of contracts are awarded following competitive tendering including publication in the Official Journal of the European Union:
(a) €5,225,000 for public works contracts
(b) €135,000 for public supply and service contracts awarded by central government authorities and design contests organized by such authorities
(c) €209,000 for public contracts of-
(i) supplies and services, awarded by sub-central contracting authorities and design contests organized by such authorities
(ii) supplies, awarded by central government authorities that operate in the field of defense, where those contracts involve products not covered by Annex III of the Law
(d) € 750,000 for public service contracts for social and other specific services listed in Annex XIV of the Law.
In 2017, the Office did not award contracts of the above values, but acted as a Coordinating Contracting Authority in competitions for service contracts with a total value beyond the set thresholds. In the following file (available in Greek) you can find information on these contracts:
Contracts exceeding EU thresholds

Awarded contracts
You can find data on the contracts awarded by the Audit Office with a value equal to or greater than €5.000 in the attached file, available in Greek.
AO Contracts

Payments to suppliers
The following spreadsheet contains cases of total annual payments exceeding €500 per year, per budget category of the Office.
Total Annual Payments

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