Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus

Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct independent, reliable and appropriately documented financial, performance and compliance audit in the public and wider public sector, for purposes of public reporting, optimal management of public resources and the fight against corruption and interference.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the efficient and effective management of public resources, serve the public interest by reducing phenomena of squandering of public funds, corruption and interference, and improve the cost-effectiveness of public spending.

Our Values

ΑνεξαρτησίαIndependence ΑξιοπιστίαReliability
From the audited entitiesProviding valid, comprehensive, and documented information.
ΑκεραιότηταIntegrityΔιαφάνεια Transparency
Conducting our activities in an independent, professional and ethical manner.Transparency regarding Public Administration actions and providing valid, comprehensive and documented information.
ΑντικειμενικότηταObjectivityΣυνεχής ανάπτυξηContinuous Development
Exercising duties with impartiality, without prejudice and avoiding situations of conflict of interest or undue influence by third parties.The search for constantly upgraded knowledge on modern approaches to audit and maximizing the value of public resources.
ΕπαγγελματισμόςProfessionalismΔιάχυση γνώσης και εμπειριώνDissemination of knowledge and experience
Adopting high standards of competence, conduct and diligence.The Audit Office is a learning organisation where knowledge and experience are a shared action tool.
Our Logo

The logo of the Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus is based on the principles of the Republic of Cyprus, on which the Office’s mission has been structured, namely audit, objectivity, reliability and transparency.

As an independent authority, the Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus is responsible for auditing the accounts of the central government, of public law entities, local administration authorities and other public organizations and funds. It conducts financial, performance and compliance audits as well as technical audits of development and other projects.

Λογότυπο της Ελεγκτικής Υπηρεσίας της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας

The four connected shields taken from the Republic of Cyprus's Coat of Arms express the attributes that represent the Audit Office:

Transparency, Audit, Objectivity and Reliability.

The pigeon covers the logo’s layers, reflecting the Audit Office's momentum and its independence and indicates that the Audit Office constitutes an

Independent State Authority of the Republic of Cyprus

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